Calling 14 – 18 year olds

Construct a

living and modern memorial


Calling the young inhabitants of Europe or the world !

Young people in secondary schools who feel a connection, will pay tribute to those who died in the Great War, honouring the Memory of war veterans, by participating in a collective artistic project.

Europe 2014-2018 offers you a reflection on war …

On the 14-18 war, on wars in general, on daily conflicts simply inherent to human nature ; on outer or inner conflict, in the past and now ; on the question of the instability of all life, of all states, of all construction ; on the question of the counterbalance which is always to be looked for within ourselves.

A human experience

calling for creativity !

A human experience

calling for creativity !

… starting with this reflection on war …

The young invent, play and direct themselves on stage, they enter into the creative and social gestures, they experience the interaction between their creativity and memory objects (photographs, monuments, narratives, etc.) left by the Great War. To do this, Europe 2014-2018 suggests that young people use the following forms : an audiovisual production and
a plastic production.

The projects created will be collected
On YouTube Europe 2014-2018 channel.

Sur la chaîne You Tube Europe 2014-2018

So, the virtual memorial is in YouTube channel form. This collection of projects by the young will be a tribute that the largest number will be able to consult.

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