Collective plastic production

Making a commemorative Mural
within the framework of pedagogical work


Federative, Europe 2014 – 2018 gives young people the possibility of showing plastically the result of their reflection on all present conflicts, whilst basing themselves on memory objects left by « The Children » of 100 years ago, witnessing their various battles of yore.

The collective plastic production consists of making a mural – a decor which will provide a basis for an artistic staging. This staging will present readings, music, performances … for ex : reading chosen letters of war veterans, lots of little lit candles, illlustrated by music (of that time, of today or an original composition by a student) and in danced movement, on ideals such as LIBERTY – EQUALITY – FRATERNITY – on soul moods such as FAITH – LOVE – HOPE …

The mural :
union of the past and the future in the present


This decor will be done by the students composed of copies of archives ( photos, letters, memory objects…) and plastic productions (objects, models, photos, drawings, autoportraits of the participants…) The experience is individual and collective engaging creativity !

The meeting – action of fighting in the etymological sense – is at the heart of a project whose intention is to awaken !

To establish this mural, each school establishment will work autonomously but will be able to communicate with the other participating centres in order to exchange on methods, themes, emotions. Thus, each little mural will be unique and will express an atmosphere.

Making a video of the mural

The mural can be filmed as it is being done and, once finished, there will be close-ups and then widening to give an overall view. The participants can also be filmed giving their impressions of this experience.

The pedagogical leader of the project can put the video on YouTube Europe 2014 – 2018 channel.

Example of mural